CORTIANO, FURTADO, SORDI & PARANAGUÁ CUNHA Advogados works with different lawyers and associated firms to meet the needs of our clients throughout the country and abroad.

Our associates are committed to performing professional services for procedural or administrative matters, on a temporary or permanent basis. We represent our clients actively (drafting briefs, carrying out acts, etc.) or in operational aspects (filing briefs, following the stages of a lawsuit, etc.). A few examples of our activities are:

a. Filing petitions for a Lawsuit, Defense, Embargoes, Appeals, Impugnation, Interventions and other legal manifestations;
b. Trial court representation at Courts and Public Agencies;
c. Representation at Special Courts;
d. Following up lawsuits and administrative proceedings;
e. Drafting appeals, impugnation and other administrative matters;
f. Providing assistance and support to in-transit Lawyers in Curitiba-PR or attendance in hearings.
g. Legal control of all proceedings form represented Firms;
h. Monitoring of all administrative proceedings, investigation and preliminary diligence, tax claims or consultation, including for bids;
i. Forwarding by Express Mail, FACSIMILE or E-mail the history of procedural stages, notarized and regular copies of appeals and/or sentences;
j. Paying procedural fees and judicial deposits;
k. Requesting certificates from courts, registries and public agencies; certified copies in notaries public, etc.

Legal Fees:

Fees will be set with the client according to the specific features of each case or billed for the hours worked in each task or hearing, drafting of briefs, petitions and other legal documents; representation of a lawyer in conciliation and instruction hearings and trials; the number of proceedings and monthly monitoring or follow up of proceedings; the County where the proceedings was filed. Expenses and costs incurred will always be borne by the client.