CORTIANO, FURTADO, SORDI & PARANAGUÁ CUNHA Advogados Associados was born from the joint-venture of CORTIANO, PARANAGUÁ CUNHA Advogados and FURTADO & SORDI Advogados Associados, a successfully planned merger that resulted in a sole law firm.

The association of those two law firms with different but complementary profiles preserved the traditions and experience of CORTIANO, PARANAGUÁ CUNHA Advogados and the innovative and dynamic features of FURTADO & SORDI Advogados Associados. It created one sole body of lawyers, the goal of which is to provide optimum service to its clients by employing indispensable technical knowledge, experience and legal tradition that are in- step with the perception of the current economic and social scenario.

The merger also provided two neighboring and interlinked firms, where clients may consult with our lawyers according to their area of need.

Hence, a dynamic law firm was created, capable of imprinting agility and quality to the services it provides to its clients, as can be evidenced in the brief description of the functional aspects incorporated and applied by this new law firm.

Services provided for companies are in the contentious law and consulting areas. For contentious law, the firm acts in the judicial, extra judicial and administrative scope by employing strategies and actions that address concrete corporate needs, attaining demands and providing assistance in Curitiba, the interior of the State of Paraná, the southern region of Brazil and other states, both directly and through their associates throughout Brazil.

The goal of our consulting services is to provide means for clients to do business backed by sound legal advice that will yield best results, which includes legal counseling, risk management and cost reduction or solutions for allocation.

The new law firm ensures specialized and customized quality services to both companies and individuals when representing their interests in different law fields, i.e. contracts and agreements, family, succession, etc.

CFSP Advogados is committed to providing agile and safe legal services. Clients always receive the best solutions ensuing from comprehensive research and accurate legal techniques carried out with timely efficiency.

The partners, trainees and paralegals graduated from the best colleges and been trained and taken specialization courses at the most prestigious institutions. All endeavors are monitored by a partner to ensure both customized and expert services.

Legal and extra-judicial proceedings, cases in course and proceedings are followed-up with controlled-access specialized software that sends complete reports of status, fees and expenses to interested parties and ensures that deadlines, routine and document management are met.

The new firm is divided in different departments between its two branches, both located in the Centro Cívico district in the city of Curitiba/PR. They can be easily accessed and are close to the Court of Justice, Civil and Family Law Court, Federal Justice and District Deputy Attorney General’s Office, the State and municipal Administration headquarters and other public agencies.

CORTIANO, FURTADO, SORDI & PARANAGUÁ CUNHA Advogados provides customized services to its clients, associated to optimum quality.