Corporate Profile

CORTIANO, FURTADO, SORDI & PARANAGUÁ CUNHA Advogados is guided by the quality of services it provides to and the close relationship it has with its clients. Hence, there is a system whereby cases are distributed among partners according to their area of expertise, ensuring that at least one partner is involved with each case or firm representation.

As well, to ensure the quality of its services, CFSP Advogados has a team of choice-professionals and state-of-the-art computer technology in place, ensuring optimum monitoring of processes and proceedings with updated information that is available to the interested parties on at the ongoing basis


The purpose of preventive law is to prevent future litigation that may arise in business relationships entered by clients by dispensing legal advice, considering that currently this aspect is responsible for the highest number of claims filed with consumer rights agencies.

The firm carries out the legal assessment of issues that are inherent to the client’s field of activity and proposes preventive measures that should be implemented in order to minimize the probability of a contentious case or whenever it may occur, and to maximize the chance of winning a case for our clients.


Contentious law is when litigation is already under way, e.g. that which calls for a legal action.

The firm identifies and allocates lawyers and trainees from its team of contentious law to handle each case, according with the complexity of issues involved, mainly in the consumer rights area.

The firm undergoes ongoing development in the contentious law area as a result of the enterprising methods and innovative approach it employs, and the required structure in place that meets all customer needs in an agile and efficient manner, representing them at the municipal, stated, federal and Supreme Court level.

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